Chris's artworks cover a variety of different styles created to bring beauty, joy and meaning to their owner. Click on themes below to view available works for purchase.

2023 Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Painting by Chris Chun


Recent Paintings and Fine Art Prints

Crane Painting  by Chris Chun


Explore the Winged World of Chris

Butterfly Art with Chrysanthemum by Chris Chun


Uplifting Art that symbolises hope

Cherry Blossom Blue Birds Collage by Chris Chun

cherry blossoms

Inspired by Chris's travels to Japan

Zodiac Dog by Chris Chun

chinese zodiac

A most charming and decorative series 

Kiku Japanese Art by Chris Chun


Art that celebrates colour and pattern

Dragon Mixed Media on Paper by Chris Chun

the dragon

The most powerful sign in Chinese Culture

Tiger Painting by Chris Chun

endangered species

Raising awareness for those in need

Printed Textile Design by Chris Chun

floral garden

Explore the botanical world of Chris

Koi Painting by Chris Chun

goldfish & koi

Selection of fish paintings and art prints

Professor Peony by Chris Chun

marine life

Inspired by the deep blue sea

Orchid Ink Painting by Chris Chun


One of Chris's favourite flowers

Peony Rose Art by Chris Chun

peony rose

The most majestic of all flowers

Poppy Vase Painting by Chris Chun

still life

Series of Still Life Paintings

Water Tiger by Chris Chun

the tiger

2022 is the Year of the Tiger


"Its been a real pleasure buying from you and thanks for the friendly updates - this has personalised the PanelPop for me - its no longer just something lovely but now seeing it evokes good feelings - it has a sort of happy aura! Hope next time purchase can be one of your stunning paintings!" 

Virginia S, Australia

'"The pictures arrived today in KC and DC. They are gorgeous. Thank you so much. A family treasure!"

Donna P, USA

'Thank you to you for the great "cat" work. My guests have been so impressed with this cat and even the frame maker said this is such a unique piece. I will follow you closely and once another great piece got my attention, I will come to you again.'

Seah A, Singapore