Introducing 'Peony Dragon' Teaware Collection for 2024.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Artist Chris Chun has created a special range of teaware called ‘Peony Dragon’. A resplendent red dragon graces the canvas in a harmonious figure-eight dance, adorned with the auspicious symbols of peony flowers and ethereal clouds. 

'Peony Dragon' Artwork by Chris Chun

2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon.

'Peony Dragon' Fine Bone China Mug Gift Box

‘The Lunar New Year is also known as the Spring Festival’ says Chris. ‘I wanted to include the Peony Rose in the design because it symbolises Spring and also represents the element of Wood. The clouds were also included but they represent never ending fortune and because we could all do with a little more.’ 

Zodiac Dragon Fine Bone China Plate Set by Chris Chun

Each piece in this fine bone china collection is the embodiment of craftsmanship and luxury. There is a mug, teacups available in sets of two and four, plates offered in sets of two and four, and a beautiful teapot.

'Peony Dragon' GiftBox of 2 teacups

All pieces are hand embellished with 24K gold and beautifully packaged as exquisite gift sets. A chic and stylish gift that transcends time, bringing joy and fortune to those who cherish beauty and provenance.

Fine Bone China Dragon Teapot by Chinese Zodiac Artist Chris Chun

December 12, 2023 — Chris Chun

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