The Symbolism of Flowers

This Mother's Day, instead of giving the usual planter pot or bunch of roses from your florist, please consider giving Mum one of these thoughtful alternatives attached below.

Whether it's an original painting, art print or phone case, each flower has a different meaning that will help make this year’s gift special and unique… just like Mum. 

Camellia Garden

Camellias are believed to represent longevity and gratitude; making them a perfect way to say thank you to Mum on Mother’s Day.

'Camellia Garden' Chinoiserie Art Print by Chris Chun


In Japan, the cherry blossom is the most cherished and revered and in the US, this beautiful flower symbolises tranquility and peace and in China, they represent love and the feminine mystique of strength and beauty. 

 Cherry Blossom Original Painting by Chris Chun

Tulip Vase

If your Mum is light hearted and easy-going, then the 'Tulip Vase' Art Print is a perfect choice. With a fresh, happy looking appearance, the tulip represents happiness, comfort and joy!

Tulip Painting by Chris Chun

Cattelya Still Life II

Give Mum an original painting of cattelyas. Purple orchids symbolise the highest admiration and respect.

Orchid Watercolour Painting by Chris Chun

Floral Phone Cases

Check out our chic floral phone cases in a wide range of styles for Apple and Samsung Galaxy.

Chinoiserie Phone Cover by Chris Chun

Chinoiserie Tough Phone Case by Chris Chun

April 19, 2021 — Chris Chun

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