I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to the festive spirit in the heart of Hong Kong. apm Mall, a prominent shopping destination in Kwun Tong, commissioned me to create a 2-meter-high peacock as a centerpiece for their Lunar New Year festivities

Chris Chun Peacock at apm Mall

An interesting aspect of this fun collaboration was the conscious avoidance of certain colours. The use of blue, black, and other dark shades are considered symbols of misfortune during the Lunar New Year so these were excluded. Instead I focused on a celebratory palette of vibrant reds, pinks and golds to take center stage in my artistic expression.

Chris Chun Peacock Sketches

Chris Chun Peacock 3D Mock Up

Last week, I recently traveled to Hong Kong to see the installation of the Lunar Peacock Garden. Along with my patterned lanterns and video installation, it was a spectacle of delight and wonder.

Chris Chun Peacock Garden at apm Mall

Behind the scenes, the success of this project would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Diana and the entire team at Opus HK. Their support and collaboration played a crucial role in helping turn my artistic vision into a stunning reality.

Chris with the OPUS HK Team

February 06, 2024 — Chris Chun

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