2024 Lunar New Year Commission for City of Melbourne

For 2024 Year of the Dragon, artist Chris Chun has created a series of posters, seamlessly blending floral patterns (which symbolises the Spring Festival) with the iconic dragon. This unexpected fusion aims to surprise viewers with the juxtaposition of exquisitely designed patterns found plastered on buildings around Chinatown. Tracing back to the origins of wallpaper (when the Chinese first glued rice paper on their walls as early as 200 BC), Chun's creations pay homage to this historical art form. Drawing on his textile design background, he has created a visually compelling narrative that honors the artistry of Chinese culture and the evolving popularity of wallpaper.

'The Dragon and The Peony' Damask by Chris Chun

This poster is a homage to the iconic damask pattern which has had a long-standing status as a luxury fabric for over a thousand years!  Originally hand-woven in silk, Damask originated in China around 300 B.C., but developed into a major weaving technique during the early Middle Ages.

'The Dragon and The Peony' Poster in Chinatown

Step into 'The Garden of Good Fortune’, a vibrant Chinoiserie inspired wallpaper which celebrates 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon. Green dragons, embodying the wood element, gracefully weave through a lush pattern adorned with symbolic flowers and auspicious fruits.  

'The Garden of Good Fortune' Poster  by Chris Chun

This intricate fusion of cultural symbolism and natural beauty invites viewers to immerse themselves in a visual ode to luck and renewal, and promises a year filled with prosperity and growth.

'The Garden of Good Fortune' by Chris Chun

Drawing inspiration from the opulent, hand embroidered  dragon robes worn by the Emperors during the Ming dynasty, Chun’s design also incorporates the Cloisonné technique, involving the use of coloured-glass paste within copper or bronze wire enclosures to decorate metal vessels.

'Imperial Dragons' by Chris Chun

The background cloud pattern whisper promises of everlasting good fortune, while blossoming flowers echo the spirit of growth and renewal, capturing the essence of the Year of the Wood Dragon.

'Imperial Dragons' by Chris Chun

The posters will be displayed for the whole year. They make great backdrops for selfies so please share using the hashtages: #chrischunzodiac #lunarnewyear2024 #cityofmelbourne 

You can find the locations listed below:

Map of Chris Chun's posters in Chinatown

February 22, 2024 — Chris Chun

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