2023 is the Year of the Rabbit

Chris has created a special Chinese Zodiac artwork for 2023 The Year of the Water Rabbit which reflects the element of water and the gentle nature of the rabbit. There are 2 different colour prints; each unique and individual in their own way but together symbolising the 'yin and yang' of the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit.

Water Rabbit Art Print by Chris Chun
'Lucky Rabbit' Art Print
Taking inspiration from the exquisite embroideries found on court robes from the Qing Dynasty, stylised waves and graceful water currents give way to the powerful dragon and the wise turtle; both animals are highly revered in Chinese Culture.  

Incorporating both Asian and Western motifs (which also reflects his Australian Chinese heritage), ‘Lucky Rabbit’ symbolises a new beginning, refreshing hopes for a peaceful 2023 filled with prosperity, health and happiness.  


December 01, 2022 — Chris Chun

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