'LUCKY RABBIT' Exhibition is now open!

'LUCKY RABBIT' Exhibition is now open!

The official launch of the 'Lucky Rabbit' exhibition at the Museum of Chinese Australian History in Melbourne, Australia.
'INTO THE BLUE' New Exhibition

'INTO THE BLUE' New Exhibition

‘Into the Blue’ is my latest series of ocean themed paintings inspired by Chinese Blue & White Ceramics and Marine Life.

November 23, 2021
Why Paintings Are Important In Feng Shui

Why Paintings Are Important In Feng Shui

One of the easiest ways to create harmony and positive chi around you, is to introduce Feng Shui artwork and paintings into the home.
Cat Portrait by Chris Chun

Thursday - Cat Portrait

Thursday is originally from Vanuatu and loves sitting outdoors in her favourite pink chair. Chris's cat portrait is filled with colour and tropical inspiration.
Dog Portrait of Ruby by Chris Chun

Dog Portraits

Ruby is a Box Terrier who has a Korean Father and Thai Mother. She provided the perfect canvas for a kaleidoscope of patterns, symbols, and cross cultural marriage. And her favourite toy provided a lovely touch of whimsy.
Dog Portrait by Chris Chun

Pet Portrait of Sparky

Sparky is a 9yr old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and is the latest doggie to be painted by Chris.
December 15, 2019