'LUCKY RABBIT' Exhibition

The Museum of Chinese Australian History is proud to present ‘Lucky Rabbit - A Celebration of Chinese New Year’. 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit.  

'Lucky Rabbit' Exhibition Poster

Curated and designed by Melbourne Artist and Textile Designer Chris Chun, ‘Lucky Rabbit’ has been created to showcase the customs and traditions of Chinese New Year through a rich visual narrative of colour and decorative pattern. 

The Lunar New Year Festival is the most celebrated holiday for 1/4 of the worlds population and over 2 billion people commemorate this auspicious occasion all around the world. The origin and history of Chinese New Year is a fascinating exploration throughout history filled with myths, symbolism, superstitions and taboos.

The Lucky Rabbit exhibition is immersive and interactive and reveals the stories and history behind this significant cultural festival, one that is filled with mythology, symbolism, superstition, taboo, family traditions, ritual, celebration and hope for the future.

Lucky Rabbit includes a series of new artworks by Chris Chun, depicting each of the Chinese Zodiac animals, and features his signature style of combining Asian and Western motifs, reflecting his own Australian Chinese heritage.

‘I want visitors to not only learn more about Chinese New Year in a fun and engaging manner but to also look at ways in which they might feel encouraged to incorporate some of the traditions of the Lunar Festival into their own lives for a more prosperous and healthy 2023. enrich their well being and law of attraction both at the home and in the office’ says Chris.

 'Lucky Rabbit' Banner at Cohen Place

January 15, 2023 — Chris Chun

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