2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger!  A year of positive changes, spontaneity and growth.

It's a time for all Zodiac Signs to give the very best of themselves in order to improve their life and to move forward with a newfound sense of confidence and determination.

You may like to consider using some of the feng shui elements from my Water Tiger artwork into your home for the Lunar New Year.

* Goldfish are symbols of success and good fortune. Think about having some live goldfish in your home to activate prosperity. The fish tank should be placed in the far left corner of the home/ room when you're looking inwards. This is the Xun Wealth Area.

Chris Chun Chunois Pop Koi

* Water is a symbol of abundance and social connections. Both of these are aspects of career success. If you have water imagery or elements near your desk, then this symbolises the flow of wealth and people in your career. 

Chris Chun Pond of Longevity

* Gold represents positive energy and invites good fortune into your home. Think about adding some accents such as a gilt edged frame, figurine or something small...our limited edition tiger mug with 24K gold detailing is a wonderful way to start using every day.

 Chris Chun Water Tiger Limited Edition Mugs

January 31, 2022 — Chris Chun

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