Earth Dog

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250gsm Awagami Handcrafted Japanese Paper

Size of Print: 29.5cm X 41.5cm

Size of Paper: 33cm X 48cm (Super A3 size)


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2018 is the year of the Earth dog.

Like the bamboo growing on his coat, she is strong and reliable; always ready to lend a helping hand to others. This pug attracts a large number of friends on account of their personality which is as friendly, generous as it is dependable.

The Earth dog is a very talented and perceptive with many great skills in life. They are capable of going very far in their profession due to the fact that they are extremely efficient and are proactive workers. Earth dogs always have clear goals and they are self-poised towards success and failure, never compromising their conscience to do things. They are persistent and never give up. They believe in the life philosophy of taking their own road in a contemplative nature.

In Chinese astrology, the sign of the Dog is associated with loyalty and honesty – traits which are further deepened by the element Earth.

Born in 1958 (Feb. 18, 1958 – Feb. 07, 1959) and 2018 (Feb. 16, 2018 – Feb. 04, 2019)

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Dimensions 48 × 33 cm