Hello Kitty X Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade recently collaborated with Hello Kitty on a new range of elephant replicas. I thought it might be quite interesting for you to see the process and ‘behind the scenes’ look at the work involved when working with a licensed character who is a global superstar. There are very strict guidelines to follow to ensure that the character and integrity of Hello Kitty is exactly the same whether she is on bags to donuts to watches etc. Did you know that Hello Kitty’s bow is always on her right side?

Here is the initial sketch we created:

Once this is approved, we then created the figurine using 3D printing.

The figurine is made and sent for approval again.

When the pre production samples has been given the go ahead then we can start production.

Here is the finished Hello Kitty Sitting Replica for Elephant Parade.

After the replicas were made, we then proceeded to make a Full Size Elephant of the design.

We had to make everything by hand so getting the proportions right and pose was very challenging

Alot of back and forth with comments from Sanrio – the licensor of Hello Kitty.

And some praying that we got everything exact as possible

The team did a fantastic job in the end and Hello Kitty has been very popular with the selfies

January 29, 2018 — Chris Chun

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